The end of the International Polar Year

With the so-called “Poolbelevenis’ The Netherlands put an end to the Polar Year. The first results of studies carried out in the framework of the Polar Year were presented. On the website of Poolbelevenis you can read summaries of the presentations and posters. Below you’ll find a survey of the presented projects with links to abstracts and powerpointpresentations.

The fiery breath of peatsoil
PhDstudent Eva Krab studies how the composition of little creatures in peatsoil influences the vegetation and carbon cycle. More information: Abstract of Eva Krab. Abstract van Eva Krab.

Looking for iron
Iron plays a key role in marine live. Yet there is little known about this role. This poject is mainly about the role of iron in the growth of algae. Abstract of Rob Middag.

Have aliens landed on the North or South Pole? No, but more and more seeds appear into this area. How many seeds and what are the consequences? Click here for a abstract of Nick Gremmen.

In the track of whalers
In the seventeenth century Dutch whalers came to the islands north of Scandinavia and started exploitation of the area and surrounding waters. This project studies how the natural resources of Spitsberg were used, what were the yields, what were the consequences on the environment and which role played precisely the place of residents of the old hunters. Powerpoint presentation of Ypie Aalders.

Satellite images KNMI
In this powerpoint presentation Peter van Velthoven presents a survey of the polar research at the KNMI. Click here if the movie in powerpoint doesn’t work.
KNMI made also a poster about ‘Polar amplification of greenhouse warming’. Click here for this poster.

Algae in Antarctica
Read the abstract of Ika Neven: Inorganic C uptake of Southern Ocean phytoplankton assemblages in a changing world

children looking at algae in Middelburg (photo Ika Neven)

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