Symposium: Sustainable use of resources in Polar regions

22-23 October 2009, Groningen, Bernouilliborg / Academie Gebouw

Organized by the Willem Barentsz Polar Institute in cooperation with the Norwegian embassy and the NLPN

Representatives from the Norwegian government, Norwegian and Dutch oil and gas companies together with environmentalists and scientists presented and discussed natural resources, geopolitics and sustainable use.

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22 October 10-13: Current Dutch Polar research
Steven van Heuven (RUG): 'CO2 uptake by the Southern Ocean'
Ellen Dorrepaal (VU): 'Climate warming accelerates CO2-release from subsurface soil organic carbon in a subarctic peatland'
Hauke Flores (IMARES): 'Frozen desert alive: the role of sea ice for pelagic macrofauna and its predators'
Ricardo Roura (RUG): 'Monitoring the transformation of historic features in Antarctica and Svalbard: Local processes and regional contexts'
Jens Greinert (NIOZ): 'PERmafrost and GAs hydrate related methane release in the Arctic and impact on climate change: European cooperation for long-term MONitoring' PERGAMON

22 October 14-18: Sustainable use of natural resources in the Arctic
Odd Gunnar Skagestad, (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Norway): 'Sustainable Management of Marine Living Resources (fisheries) A Core Element in the Norwegian Government's High North Strategy'
Gert Polet (WWF-Arctic): 'New approaches to Arctic conservation in times of accelerating climate change'
Espen Andreas Hauge (Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, Norway): 'Petroleum Activities in the High North'
Geert Greving (Gasterra): 'Dutch expertise for development of Artcic gas fields'

23 October 09-12: Polar Science in a political and historical context
Academie Gebouw, aula
Klaus Dodds (University of London, UK): 'Flags, frames and fingers: feeling, seeing and understanding the polar regions'
Susan Barr (Norwegian Cultural Heritage): 'Cultural heritage in the Arctic'
Dag Avango (RUG): 'Narratives of Science and Industry in the Struggle for the Arctic and its natural resources'
Mare Pit (IASC): 'What can IASC and APECS mean for young Polar researchers'

This symposium is organized by the Willem Barentsz Polar Institute in co-operation with the Norwegian embassy, the NLPN and is financial supported by NWO-ALW.

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