Poster session symposium Exploring Polar regions

Mario Veloso: Identification and correction of methane seep location offshore Svalbard to quantify the free gas flux into the water column

Frigga Kruse: British Mining, Exploration & Geopolitics on Spitsbergen, 1904-53

Gert Polet: Rapid Change in the Arctic: an outline of WWF’s work in the Arctic

Ira van den Broek:The legacy of IPY: the data

Daniël Rits: Monitoring tide-water glacier length changes on Svalbard using LANDSAT satellite images

Maarten Prins: Environmental change in the European Arctic inferred from fjord sediments: a sediment-provenance study of glacio-marine sediments in Kongsfjorden, Svalbard

Elodie Burrillon: Cause & effect of variations in the sinking of deep water in the MOC

Luís Morgado: Peeking into the black box of climate-induced vegetation changes: the roles of mycorrhizal fungi in the greening Arctic

Michael Stech: Arctic mosses – Biodiversity and ecological significance

Jason Williams: Future Arctic shipping routes and European air quality in 2025

Maarten Loonen: Evolutionary benefits of breeding in the Arctic

Taco de Bruin: The Polar Information Commons: A Global Commons for Preserving and Sharing of Polar Data

Arctic Council: The Netherlands as observer in the Arctic Council

Frits Steenhuisen: Geospatial distribution of global anthropogenic mercury emissions to air

Ricardo Roura: Post-depositional formation processes affecting historic and archaeological polar sites: A preliminary overview

Liesbeth Noor: A Dutch science facility at Rothera Research Station

Koen Frans Verweij: Biogeographical diversity of endobacterial communities of the arctic-alpine plants Oxyria digyna and Saxifraga oppositifolia

Manon Neilen: Willows - the arctic connection: Biodiversity of Salix-associated arctic-alpine fungi in North Sea sand dunes

Cecilia Sandström: Goose as main vector for Toxoplasma gondii to the High Arctic, Spitsbergen

Mark Kroon: Ozone Profiles from the Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI) - First Validation and Initial Science

Manoj Kumar: Analysing biogeographical diversity of plant-associated bacterial communities in the Arctic region

SCAR-IASC: Where North meets South

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