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Daniel Chartier gives a public lecture: Perspectives on Arctic Literature. (Self ) images and Representations of the North.
Professor Gail FOndahl, president of the International Arctic Social Sciences Association, gives a lecture at the Arctic Centre on 18 December 2012.
WBPI is happy with the launch of APECS Netherland. We look forward to cooperate with this early polar career network organisation.
March 2th, Gerko van der Wel is defending his thesis Analyses of water isotope diffusion in firn: Contributions to a better palaeoclimatic interpretation of ice cores. Prior to his defense WBPI is organizing a symposium : Isotopes in ice cores and their relation to climate history

Polar theses 2012
Maarten Klunder (NIOZ/RUG) Distributions and sources of dissolved iron in the polar oceans
Stef Weijers (VU) Climate reconstruction in the High Arctic: development and validation of a new tree-ring-like climate proxy
Gerko van der Wel (RUG) Analyses of water isotope diffusion in firn : contributions to a better palaeoclimatic interpretation of ice cores

Polar theses 2011
Charles-Edouard Thuróczy (NIOZ/RUG) Physical and Chemical Speciation of Iron in the Polar Oceans
Rudy Jonker (WUR) Revolutionary non-migratory migrants.
Bethany Hoye (NIOO/UU) Host-pathogen interactions on the move: Migratory waterfowl and avian influenza viruses.
Francien Peterse (NIOZ/UU) Environmental controls on the distribution of bacterial tetraether membrane lipids: Constraints on the MBT-CBT paleothermometer.
Frans-Jan Parmentier (VU) Any Way the Wind Blows - Dynamics of Greenhouse Gas Exchange in Northeastern Siberian Tundra.
Simone Lang (VU) Global change and the functional diversity of cryptogams in northern biomes.
Ricardo Roura (RUG) The footprint of polar tourism: tourist behaviour at cultural heritage sites in Antarctica and Svalbard.

Two new AMAP repport available
Snow, Water, Ice, Permafrost in the Arctic (SWIPA) report en Arctic Pollution 2011 (Mercury in the Arctic)

Louwrens Hacquebord Officer in the Order of Orange-Nassau.
WBPI director WBPI, Louwrens Hacquebord, has been appointed Officer in the Order of Orange-Nassau, on Friday April 29.

22/23 October 2009: Symposium: Sustainable use of resources in Polar regions
Representatives from the Norwegian government, Norwegian and Dutch oil and gass companies together with environmentalists and scientists present and discuss natural resources, geopolitics and sustainable use..

Arctic Council signs a renewed treaty
On April 29th eight members of the Arctic Council signed a new treaty.

Masterplan Polar research
Under the name of Poolpositie-NL NWO presents the new Dutch Polar programme. On April 17th 2009 this draft programme was presented for commentary to the polar research field. On May 7th 2009 NWO plans to set this programme. Afterwards the programme will be submitted to the Ministry of Education, Cultural Affairs and Science. Through this programme an attempt is made to obtain ten million euros for a research budget.

Royal interest in polar research
The royal family showed several times their interest in polar research. Last april 23rd the Dutch queen visisted the University of Groningen together with the king and queen of Sweden. They were informed about the polar research and education at the University of Groningen. Click here for an impression and here to see what the researchers did present to the royal visiters.

Hauke Flores taking his PhD
Findings described by Flores in his dissertation provide new and direct prove that sea ice is crucial for the ecosystem in the Antarctic Seasonal Sea Ice Zone (SIZ). Besides that it turned out that the classic krill-centered concept of the Antarctic food web as a presentation of reality is too simple. Read here the press report about his dissertation or see a pdf of his dissertation. You can order the dissertation by Hauke Flores.
On the website SIKU-news you will find daily news from the Arctic.

International Polar Year ended
Durin the so-called Poolbelevenis from 6th to 8th march the International Polar Year in the Netherlands ended. You will find here a survey of the preliminary research results presented there.

Research news: logistics
WBPI is involved in the Svalbard Integrated Arctic Earth Observing System SIOS.
Click here for the latest news on the website of Aurora Borealis about the plans concerning this research ship.
The logo of the WBPI is available as sticker (3 and 8 cm in diametres) and as textile emblem for coats or rucksack (10 cm in diametres). For orders mail the secretary:
Willem Barentsz Poolinstituut

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